Refinancing a vehicle should be no harder than purchasing a new one. With Magma, it isn’t. For our used commercial vehicle-refinancing program, we have established long term channel partnerships with club status and referral partners for shorter-term relationships. In both cases, we take a personal interest in every customer’s needs, helping our dealers and clients find the product that works best for both.

When we began our Suvidha program, we focused our attention on first-time buyers and on vehicles 2-15 years old. Selection of clients followed the same patterns as for new vehicle financing.

Major partners in our Suvidha program, like Laxmi Motos, Avijit Roy and Sri Balaji Financial Services, benefit from steady payouts and sales support from our extensive team. We devote personal time to helping each Suvidha client choose the right vehicle – and the right dealer – for his or her needs.

In all of our loan services, we protect dealers through careful credit assessment and screening to ensure a timely, efficient and stress-free payment process that benefits the entire ecosystem.