The Company has a judicious mix of Executive and Non-Executive Directors on its Board. At present, there are six directors on the Board. The Chairman of the Company is Non Executive Independent Director. The Chairman Emeritus and Vice Chairman & Managing Director serve as Executive Directors, while more than 50% of the Board consists of Independent Directors. All Non-Executive Directors are eminent professionals and bring with them a wealth of professional expertise and experience to the management of the Company.

The Directors

Mr. Narayan K. Seshadri

Non-Executive Independent Chairman

Mr Mayank Poddar

Chairman Emeritus & Wholetime Director

Mr Sanjay Chamria

Vice Chairman & Managing Director

Mr. V. K. Viswanathan

Independent Director

Ms. Vijayalakshmi R Iyer

Non-Executive Independent Director

Mr. Bontha Prasad Rao

Additional Directors

Mr. Sunil Chandiramani

Additional Directors