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Life At Magma


Learning Opportunities

Magmaites have the rare opportunity to shift both functionally and geographically within the company, which means you are constantly acquiring new skills and contributing in new and exciting ways to the Magma family.

Career Planning

We keep our policies and promotions transparent to enable each employee plan for his future growth within the company. At Magma, we understand that rewarding excellence inspires further excellence. Helping our employees build strong careers helps us build a strong company.

Magma’s responsibility to the underprivileged does not cease with our loans. Our comprehensive set of CSR initiatives – from literacy initiatives in tribal communities, to health workshops with truck drivers – keep us, and you, engaged with the community at large.

Active Attitude

Our corporate environment is unerringly positive. Individual successes are the key to corporate success, so we encourage our employees always to try out new ideas and strive for excellence. When we say ‘we invest in dreams,’ we mean more than just the dreams of our clients.

Entrepreneurial Culture

Magma is all about growth – growth of our clients’ businesses, growth of our employees and growth of our company as a whole. Growth, wherever it happens, begins with great ideas and the people with the vision to execute them.

Division of Responsibility

Though employees may shift to different areas of the company, our vertical structure ensures that, at any given time, your responsibilities will be clearly delineated and maintained. This allows you to foster specific skills. It also means that each and every one of us is accountable for his or her own work.


Parties and Trips

Among the many incentives for good work at Magma are our exciting travel schemes. Travel opportunities have taken lucky employees to places like Mumbai and Goa, Hong Kong and Las Vegas. As our employees like to say, ‘we work hard and play harder.’


Magma is more than a company, it is a family. That means we don’t just work together, we also celebrate together. Picnics, outings, celebrations during festivals and birthdays – we keep time in the office fun, exciting and enriching.