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MHDI Fees & Charges

  • As per product charges approved by IRDA and regulatory charges, plus government levies like Service Tax and Education Cess

1. Personal accident cover:

The motor insurance provides compulsory personal accident cover of Rs.1 lakh – incase of two-wheelers and Rs.2 lakhs for other class of vehicles for *individual owners of the vehicle while driving. This is not applicable to a Company owned vehicle.

Occupants of vehicles can also be covered for Personal Accident for a maximum Capital Sum Insured of Rs.1 lakh per person, in case of two-wheelers and Rs.2 lakh per person for other class of vehicles. You may also now opt for higher limits in Personal Accident cover.
* Available only if the owner of the vehicle holds a valid driving license.

2. Additional Legal liabilities:

The following additional legal liabilities may also be opted for at an additional premium

  • Paid driver/conductor/cleaner employed in operation of vehicle.
  • Employees travelling in/driving the vehicle other than paid driver.
  • Non-fare paying passengers


3. Bifuel-Kit

The CNG-LPG bifuel kit can also be covered by paying additional premium.


No Claim Bonus:

If you do not make a claim during the Policy period, a No Claim Bonus (NCB) is offered on renewals. This discount can go as high as 50%. (NCB will only be allowed provided the Policy is renewed within 90 days of the expiry date of the previous policy). Transfer of NCB: You can transfer the full benefits of No Claim Bonus when you shift your motor insurance policy from another company.

Other Discounts

  • Voluntary Excess discount : A further discount on the premium is available if you opt for a Voluntary Excess (available only for Private cars and Two wheelers) in addition to the Compulsory Excess. (Compulsory Excess is the amount of loss which the insured has to bear in each and every claim.).
  • Automobile Association Membership :You can also avail of additional discount if you are a member of a recognized Automobile Association in India (available only for Private cars and Two wheelers).
  • Anti theft devices : In case you have installed an ARAI approved anti theft device in your vehicle, you get a discount of 2.5% on the OD Premium to a maximum of Rs.500/- for four-wheelers and Rs 50/- for two wheelers