Magma Fincorp Auto Lease

  • Magma Auto Lease provides a one-stop-shop financing facility to Small, Medium to Large Businesses in need of fleet financing for their fleet acquisition for corporate requirement or employee benefit goals.
  •  Magma Auto Lease can complement unparalleled local expertise with abilities and resource to support Businesses with fleet acquisition needs.

Why Magma Fincorp Auto Lease?

  • Your company vehicles are a key asset that can help ensure employee satisfaction and future growth for your company. We offer a range of programs and services to increase efficiencies & employee satisfaction, reduce costs and maximize the value of your company vehicles. Magma is the right partner for car lease as it combines customer focus, geographic reach and a culture of passion and excellence.

Unparrelled Customer focus

  • Our solutions are designed to enhance customer satisfaction and support Organisation and employee throughout the “lifecycle” of their lease. Engaging with customers to gather their insight and suggestions is crucial which is why we have Account Manager allocated to each account, where Account Manager visit their customer regularly to discuss new trends, recent development, portfolio update and how we can jointly solve new challenges.

Passion and Excellence

  • For over 26 years, passion and excellence has been part of Magma’s DNA. Magma’s Auto Lease team combines a heritage of excellence and a true passion for the automotive world. We continuously invest in developing new technologies to make financing solution more efficient and cost effective.
  • Our business team apply the most rigorous methodologies and learning from various businesses in reviewing our customers’ fleet operations, assessing need and creating tailored strategies.


Local expertise and capabilities

  • One of the fastest growing car leasing companies in India, Magma finances and manages over 5000 cars in India. As a preferred car leasing provider for multinational & large Indian companies, we serve over 140 large & medium company’s fleets across 14 states.