Diesel Car Buying Tips in India

A car is no more a mere luxury these days but quite a need owing to the commute one goes through on day to day basis for various purposes. A lot of thought is given before zeroing upon any particular car model. Various aspects of it are given a thorough review before the final call is taken.

With the ever soaring fuel prices, diesel surely wins over petrol in the tug of war between the two fuels. Also gone are the days when a diesel car was considered to be a noisy machine. However, the rule of thumb, if fuel is the criteria of making a choice, is you should opt for a diesel run car if your journeys are mostly long distanced.

Let us shed light on some factors you should keep in mind when in a dilemma between a diesel or petrol car as the fuel price shouldn’t be the sole reason for the purchase you make.

Journey Distance: As mentioned earlier it is one of the crucial factors in order to decide the model variant you might choose as it is very important to examine the kilometers you plan to drive each day. If you plan to drive 500 kilometers a week then it is a more practical decision to opt for a diesel version, however it isn’t advisable to those who are into a minimum journey of 30kms. Also, the number of people travelling in one go should be taken into consideration; if more people will be travelling in one go then a diesel version is preferable and the higher cost of the car can also be justified.

Cost of fuel: Assuming the current price of petrol in Delhi is Rs 73.16/ litre and that of diesel is 55.48/lire. The difference isn’t nominal and cannot be ignored while making a choice between either of the fuel versions.

Maintenance cost: Here the diesel version probably shall take a backseat as the petrol car requires less maintenance when compared to a diesel version. Also, another point to take into consideration is that you end up paying more premiums for diesel driven car insurance than a petrol version.

Resale value: Probably the most neglected criteria while purchasing a car. An agenda that needs equal attention as much as the buying itself. On average, an Indian car owner maintains his/her car for 5 years, this number however is depleting. After a few years when you plan to sell your current car and make a new purchase the resale value plays a vital role. Also, today 80% of the car loans consider the exchange amount while funding your new buy. A number of factors influence the resale value however the brand and model top the list altogether. A diesel car is believed to give a higher resale value than a petrol car however it is advisable to check the resale value of a model, brand and the variants on offer before you make any decision of buying it.

Hope these pointers help you take a better call between petrol or a diesel variant of cars.