Used car buying tips in India

Buying a second hand car can be more tedious than a brand new one. A lot of research and enquiry is put into making the right decision that yields the best results with a pre-owned car. The condition of the car, age and other such usage details need to be given some serious thought.

Let us go through the different factors that one should pay attention to when buying used cars.

Before you get down to the intricacies of buying a pre-owned car there are few basics which you need to get right. Budget is one of the most important factors to take into consideration. It is very important to define the amount you wish to shell out for the car purchase. Following this is the requirements of a car. It is equally important to know the major purpose of a car. Do you need a fuel efficient hatchback or a comfortable family sedan that can accommodate 4 to 5 people easily or an SUV for your frequent long distant journeys? Lastly the fluctuating fuel prices should be one of the agendas to zero down upon a vehicle. Here a little research is required as you might want to be well versed with the different types of cars and the mileage you should expect of them.

Once you have chalked down your basic needs with respect to the car you wish to purchase, it is time to search for the source that will connect you to your need. In today’s market, there are many avenues one can get hold of to buy second hand cars. Nowadays Maruti Suzuki, Toyota and Hyundai have their own pre-owned car businesses, you can connect with these dealers directly. The second option is to search on the various portals that have sprung these days, selling second hand items that include cars as well. Browsing through the different car classifieds in newspapers is also one of the options.

The most crucial step once you have made a list of a few options you would want to go ahead with. It is very important to be thorough with: – the history of the car you wish to purchase. The distance travelled by the car over a span of one year plays a vital role making the buy a worthy one. For instance, a diesel car should not be driven beyond 15,000 km/year and a petrol variant beyond 12,000 km/year. Later in the list is the age of the car, if the car is beyond three years then it is advisable to not make a purchase as it usually creates problem for car finance and insurance. A used car you want to buy should be singly owned as multiple owners might end up tampering its performance and giving mileage that is not that good.

With all the above agendas taken well care of the only thing that is left to look upon are the correct and right documents of the car for you to negotiate and seal the deal which is beneficial to both the parties.