Construction Equipment FAQs

What is the USP of your product?

We understand that our customers have different needs, especially those who are going to own an asset for the first time; so we’ve designed customized products to provide the best offerings in terms of repayment terms, loan-to-asset value ratios and product selection criteria.

How do I apply?
  • Leave your contact details, and we will reach out to you
  • Walk into our nearest branch
What are the different segments and funding ranges available?
  • FTU/FTB: 75-85%
  • Small Customers: 80-90%
  • Strategic customers: 90-95%
  • Medium sized business customer- 85-90%
What documentation is required?
  • ID proof
  • Photograph with Age proof
  • Business stability proof
  • Residence and office address proof
  • Asset proof and loan repayment records (if applicable)
  • KYC documents for guarantor
What is the maximum loan I can borrow?
  • We provide maximum Loan of upto Rs 1.50 Crore in retail categories & Rs 10 Crore for Strategic categories depending on various factors and customer segments
Is there a pre-payment option for your product?
  • Yes. You can prepay the loan any time with a prepayment fee on the outstanding loan amount
Do I need a guarantor?
  • Yes
What are my tenure options?
  • You can choose tenure options between 12 months to 48 months
Can I take the Construction Equipment Loan without Income Proof or Business Proof?
Can I get a Construction Equipment Loan without a bank account?
  • No
I live 75 kms from your nearest branch office. Can I still get the Construction Equipment Loan?
Can I select to give either post-dated cheque or equated monthly installments for my entire loan payment structure?
  • Yes. You can select any of the option and also you can opt for cash Installments
Can I get the loan if I have been staying at my current residence for less than six months?
  • Yes, with certain terms and conditions