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Quick Pay Faqs

What is “Quick Pay” service?
What are the benefits of 'Quick Pay'?
How do I make a payment through “Quick Pay”?
Do I need to register in Magma website for “Quick Pay” to make payments from the account of the other bank?
Is payment through “Quick Pay” secure?
Is there any charge for using “Quick Pay”?
Can I pay using my Credit card?
Can I use an international Master / Visa Debit card issued outside India?
Can I use a Master / Visa prepaid card / gift card issued in India?
Can I use Amex / Diners / Maestro?
Can I make payment through Wallets and UPI?
What if I made an error while entering my loan number and made a payment to somebody else’s loan number?
Will I receive any transaction advice for “Quick Pay” loan payments?
Can I make a payment more than the Amount Payable shown in the statement?
Can I make payments against Closures, Foreclosures and Partial payment?
What if I wrongly made an excess payment for two different transactions or the same had been debited from my account more than once due to some technical issue for the same loan number?
How will I know that the payment is made successfully?
How are payments processed?
When can I check my MAGMA loan statement to know my payment status?
What if the payment is not credited even after three working days?
How can I prove that I have made a payment?
How can I access the information that I have made the payments?
Can I make a payment when I am outside India?
Is the exact overdue amount shown on the screen in real time?
Do I need to take permission from my bank for making a payment through “Quick Pay”?
How can I update my demographic details in my loan account?
How do I obtain a Duplicate Repayment Schedule / Loan statement for my loan account?